How to pin a comment in Facebook Post

How to pin a comment in Facebook Post

What Is Comment Ranking On Facebook And How To Enable It

Facebook has grown to become the most popular and important online space. It’s not just used for social media, but is also an excellent method of promoting your brand on social media.

Commenting on posts and responding to them is an excellent way to establish a deep connection with your fans and boost your presence on Facebook as an entity. Reacting to comments made on your post on Facebook increases engagement. However, it is essential to be involved in conversations that are relevant to your post.

What Is Comment Ranking

Facebook algorithm is continuously striving to ensure that users’ experience on Facebook is well-used. One method to achieve this is by ranking that helps to in promoting meaningful conversations by displaying the most relevant comments to them.

Facebook employs three different metrics to assess how good the comments are.

  • Integrity signals (clickbait)
  • Comment interactions
  • Admin’s reaction on comments

The more replies or reactions a comment gets, the higher its ranking will be.

How To Enable Comment Ranking

Brands that have many followers will have Facebook Comment Ranking automatically activated.

People who have less followers, the ranking of comments isn’t automatically enabled because there are less comments on their posts. However, if they would like to turn it on you can go to their settings and switch it on.

To switch the comment ranking off or on you’ll have to be an administrator on the Page. If you’re an admin , follow the steps below:

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu
  2. Go to your Page
  3. Click on ‘Page Settings’ in the bottom left of your Page
  4. Click on Settings & privacy After You Click on Setting
  5. After Which You Click on Public Posts
  6. From ‘Public Posts’, click ‘Comment Ranking’
  7. To turn comment ranking on, click to check the box next to See the most relevant comments by default
  8. Click ‘Save Changes’.

How To Enable Comment Ranking

Video Tutorial


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