Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leak reveals details of 200MP quad-camera setup

Recent leaks revealed Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera has telephoto and periscope zoom cameras are working. In the latest leak tipter Revegnus revealed the full details of the camera configuration of the S24 Ultra. Keep reading to discover the features you can expect from its camera’s capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera specifications (rumored)

Galaxy S24 Ultra camera specifications leaked

The upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to have an impressive camera setup that includes:

Primary camera with 200 megapixel resolution features a sensor size of 1/1.3″, featuring 0.6mm resolution pixels. An ultrawide 12 megapixel camera featuring the Sony IMX564 sensor boasts 1/2.55″ size with 1.4mm pixels is also provided as secondary option.

An advanced 10MP (3x optical zoom) camera equipped with an IMX754+ sensor containing 1/3.52″ size pixels and 1.12mm resolution is being released today.

This 48-megapixel periscope camera boasts an optical zoom of five times and uses GMU sensor. This model offers 1/2.25″ size sensor with an 0.8mm resolution for best images; additionally its aperture should reach about f/3.2 for most scenarios.

The tipter also said it is believed that Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra will deliver the most impressive 100x zoom capabilities even with its 5x optical zoom. Be aware that Samsung isn’t yet officially confirming this information. It is therefore recommended to take this leak from Samsung’s S24 Ultra with a pinch of salt.

Tipper also discussed Samsung’s Galaxy S25 Ultra, set for launch in the first quarter of 2025 and featuring 6x and 4x lenses with real-time 60fps depth imaging features, according to information leaked by leaker. Furthermore, according to his information the Galaxy S25 Ultra could feature multiple Vizion sensors (44 and 55) but using either could ultimately replace laser autofocus in its place for autofocus purposes. The leaker stated this information based on leaker leaks he received about both sensors.

As far as selfie cameras are concerned, they should retain the 12-megapixel front-facing snapper that debuted with the S23 Ultra.

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